1. For rifles, never shoot target closer than 100 yards (300 feet) *Depending on velocity/energy of round 
  2. For pistol, never shoot target closer than 15 yards (45 feet) *Depending on velocity/energy of round 
  3. Targets must always be set at a 7 degree angle to deflect bullet impact down towards the ground
  4. Always wear hearing protection
  5. Always wear eye protection
  6. Always keep velocity of bullet under 2,900 fps at point of impact for safety and to prolong the life of your target (if you need help calculating bullet energy, please click here, or contact us for help)
  7. There are many websites and Apps to help you calculate safe distances based on energy at point of impact. It is your responsibility to understand  safe distances of your target
  8. Never use steel core or solid copper bullets, only use:
    • Lead Bullets
    • Copper Jacketed Lead Bullets
    • Copper Plated Lead Bullets
    • Frangible Bullets 





If your caliber is not listed above, you are responsible for calculating the energy of your round and determining proper distance. If you are not sure, please contact us for help.


Q: How is AR500 steel different than mild steel?

A: AR500 steel is a special alloy of steel that is heat-treated to a hardness of 500BHN. Mild steel has a BHN hardness of around 120 and is not heat-treated. 

Q: Can I shoot steel core/solid copper bullets at your targets?

A: We do not recommend shooting any steel core/solid copper bullets at the targets! Depending on the specific caliber they can do a lot of damage, or even shoot through the target. Shoot your steel core/solid copper bullets at paper targets.

Q: Can I use AR500 targets for my 22lr?

A: Yes – the 1/4” AR500 targets work great for .22 rimfire.

Q: Should I worry about ricochets?

A: First, always wear safety glasses when shooting steel targets. Next, set up targets in a safe location. Most of the lead and copper deflects at 20 degrees, so in general, the bullets do not bounce back or ricochet.  This doesn’t mean they never will, just that most of the bullets will fragment and deflect at 20 degrees.

Q: Will I be able to hear the target?

A: In general, yes! Hearing the target depends on how good your hearing is. Close handgun targets are loud and easy to hear. The further out you go, the quieter they get. At several hundred yards, a 223 can be hard to hear, depending on the wind and hearing protection being used. Larger rifles, such as .30 caliber, will remain audible even at longer ranges.


Q: What grade of steel do I need for shooting?

A: AR500 grade steel. It’s ideal for both center fire handgun and rifles. Lower grades of steel can be dangerous and don’t last as long.