AR500 Dueling Tree (AR500 Post)

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  • 6 Paddles
  • 3/8" Thick
  • 6 1/4" Diameter
  • AR500 Post
  • AR500 Paddles


Our Dueling Tree is very unique, it has an AR500 post protector plate (2 part), unlike most other Dueling Trees on the market, which are just regular steel angle (non-AR500). Shoot the paddles and they flip from one side of the post to the other. Try different calibers and platforms to measure impact energy. 


We keep the cost down by providing the Dueling Tree kit as follows:

  1. 3/8" x 6.25" AR500 Paddles (6 pc)
  2. 3/8" AR500 Post Armor (2 pc)
  3. Base (1 pc)
  4. Paddle Holders (6 pc)

All you need is a 2 x 4 post (lumber) and you just screw the Paddle Holders and the post armor to the post. It can easily be broken down and transported in a small car. Storage is also very convenient and compact. You will get some ricochette on the back side of the 2 x 4 post over time, but simply replace the lumber, and you are good to go.


A Dueling Tree is not only great practice for beginners but also a common skill sharpener for pros all over the world. You can have fun with friends, paint 3 paddles red, 3 white and duel to your heart's content! Get a second Dueling tree and race against each other with six shots each. It's basically like a vertical plate rack that you never have to reset! Test yourself at different distances to fine tune your speed and accuracy.


One of the best parts about a Dueling tree is there is no reset needed. Just keep shooting all day! These are possibly the most fun targets we sell.