X3 Night Rifle Shoot (NRS)

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X3 NIGHT Rifle match (NRS) Night Rifle Shoot, Sponsored by Center Impact Targets 

Match starts: February 22, 2020 @ 6:00 PM · Match ends: February 22, 2020 @ 11:30 PM

Location: Piru, CA

The X3 Rifle Night Match is Southern California's premier low-light match held at the California Tactical Academy (www.californiatacticalacademy.com) in Piru, CA - just a short drive away from LA and Ventura. This match will feature 6 stages that will test your shooting skills in a low-to-no light environment. Whether you are shooting your home defense gun or your PCC, this match will provide you a fun and challenging environment that you won't find anywhere else.

This match is not for beginner shooters, pre-approval by the MD will be required.  Send us a message and tell us about your competitive shooting or tactical shooting experience/training and we will verify your experience level.

On-site registration for the match opens at 4:45PM, (But you can come earlier and enjoy good times with friends and fellow shooters). a mandatory shooters meeting will take place at 5:45PM, and shooting will start at 6:30PM. This match is strictly limited to 60 shooters, so make sure to sign up early. due to its later start time. Shooters are welcome to bring their own camping gear and spend the night. Or there are hotels right off the 5 fwy, if you choose to shoot the Multigun match the following day.

Targets include USPSA Metric and Classic targets as well as , US Poppers, and Plate Racks. All shooters will start from the low-ready position (stock on belt/muzzle downrange for PCC) with lights on.

All you need is you, your rifle or PCC, a good light (either handheld or weapon-mounted), enough magazines for 30-60 rounds per stage, and ammunition for the day. Round count will be around 250 rounds total. Match fees for the event will be $50 and need to be paid in cash when you check in for the match. All shooters must stop at the public range to sign the range waiver on the way in.

Safety Requirements:
All long guns must have a safety/chamber flag installed when not on the line.
All long guns must be bagged or cased when transported between your car to the stages as well as between stages.
All competitors must have two (2) marker lights on their person at all times. Chem lights will be provided.

Rifle - Tac-ops (flashlight)
Rifle - Limited (flashlight)
Rifle - Open (flashlight, laser, ect)
Rifle - Heavy (flashlight, .30 cal or Larger)
PCC (Flashlight)
Boogaloo - Night Vision, IR light/laser (no visible light, optional Hawaiian shirt)

Rules are based off of URL Rules

Scoring is basic Time-Plus with stage points. All USPSA paper targets require one "A or B" hit or two hits anywhere else to neutralize. All steel targets must fall. Penalties are assessed for a single "C" or "D" zone hit (+5s), no-shoot hits - max 2 per target (+5s), failure to neutralize (target engaged-no hits) (+10s), and failure to engage (+15s).

For more information, follow us on Facebook @deadwoodboys https://www.facebook.com/deadwoodboys

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General match, with the following divisions:
Tac-ops, Limited, Open, Heavy, PCC, Boogaloo


For more information, follow us on Facebook @deadwoodboys https://www.facebook.com/deadwoodboys